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Nearly 1,300 Rotary Clubs Charter BSA Units

Civic, faith-based, and educational organizations charter BSA units to deliver the Scouting programs to their community. Since their inception, Rotary International (1905) and the Boy Scouts of America (1910) have been partners in serving young people. The principles and goals of both organizations are closely allied. Character-building; service to country, to others, and to self; teaching leadership skills; and becoming aware of the world around us—these are all incorporated into the programs and activities of each organization.

The values expressed in Rotary International’s Motto and the Four Way Test greatly parallel those articulated in the Scout Oath, Law, motto, and slogan. Rotarians have long served as role models, demonstrating leadership, character, and the value of selfless service to the community. Rotary clubs in the United States charter nearly 1,300 Scouting units (Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, and Venturing crews) serving more than 40,000 youth members.

For more information see the BSA Publication

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Organizing a BSA Unit

Through Collaboration With Scouting, a Rotary Club

• Provides mentoring opportunities for club members to share personal skills, interests, and experiences with youth participants.
• Builds better youth and future leaders for the community and the nation.
• Shares the purposes of Rotary through Scouting.
• Forms enduring friendships among future leaders of the community.
• Provides service to the community by offering a time tested, high-quality developmental youth program that has continuous identification with your Rotary club.
• Achieves greater public awareness of the ideals of Rotary.

How to Organize a Scouting Unit

• Club leadership is informed about Scouting.
• Club board and membership officially adopt Scouting, and a chartered organization representative is selected from the club’s members.
• The chartered organization representative appoints an organizing committee of local parents and interested club members.
• The organizing committee identifies and recruits unit leaders and committee members.
• The leaders are trained in program planning (Fast Start training).
• The program is planned for at least the first six months.
• Local youth are recruited.
• Unit meetings begin.
• The unit is installed and the charter is presented at a formal ceremony held at a club meeting.

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Units Chartered to Rotary Clubs Indexed by State


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Troop 50, Auburn, AL
Troop 72, Marion, AR
Troop 993, Maricopa, AZ
Pack 455, Sierra Vista, AZ
Pack 409, Wilcox, AZ



Troop 28, Anderson, CA
Pack 209, Bonny View, CA
Crew 403, Claremont, CA
Pack 408, Claremont, CA
Troop 113, Culver City, CA
Crew 66, Davis, CA
Troop 139, Davis, CA
Troop 66, Davis, CA
Troop 46, El Cajon, CA
Troop 465, El Dorado Hills, CA
Crew 2, Freemont, CA
Pack 103, Freemont, CA
Pack 2, Freemont, CA
Troop 103, Freemont, CA
Troop 2, Freemont, CA
Pack 490, Glendora, CA
Pack 69, Hercules, CA
Troop 860, Hermosa Beach, CA
Troop 5, Irvine, CA
Troop 616, Irvine, CA
Troop 501, Los Gatos, CA
Troop 1, Mill Valley, CA
Pack 614, Murrieta, CA
Crew 212, Newark, CA
Troop 645, Newport, CA
Crew 301, Ontario, CA
Pack 301, Ontario, CA
Troop 301, Ontario, CA
Troop 5, Palo Alto, CA
Troop 401, Pleasant Hill, CA
Troop 911, Pleasanton, CA
Troop 636, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Pack 154, Red Bluff, CA
Troop 154, Red Bluff, CA
Pack 44, Redding, CA
Crew 7, Roseville, CA
Pack 804, Roseville, CA
Troop 1, Roseville, CA
Troop 724, San Capistrano, CA
Pack 621, San Diego, CA
Pack 627, San Diego, CA
Pack 648, San Diego, CA
Pack 675, San Diego, CA
Troop 625, San Diego, CA
Troop 688, San Diego, CA
Troop 116, San Jose, CA
Troop 26, Santa Rosa, CA
Troop 622, Simi Valley, CA
Troop 301, Temecula, CA
Troop 301, Temecula, CA
Troop 1518, Tustin, CA
Pack 850, Villa Park, CA
Troop 850, Villa Park, CA
Troop 599, Watsonville, CA
Troop 151, Woodland, CA
Troop 194, Steamboat Springs, CO
Pack 63, Monroe, CT
Pack 58, New Milford, CT
Troop 158, New Milford, CT
Crew 100, Newtown, CT
Troop 387, Somers, CT




Troop 1986, Brandon, FL
Pack 69, High Springs, FL
Troop 69, High Springs, FL
Troop 457, Inverness, FL
Troop 951, Naples, FL
Pack 380, New Tampa, FL




Pack 4338, Ackley, IA
Troop 1338, Ackley, IA
Troop 560, Cedar Rapids, IA
Pack 153, Algonquin, IL
Pack 154, Carpentersville, IL
Troop 347, Crystal Lake, IL
Troop 297, Hoffman Estates, IL
Troop 54, Petersburg, IL
Troop 193, Schaumburg, IL



Troop 65, Baldwin City, KS
Pack 3055, Council Grove, KS
Pack 3086, Washington, KS
Troop 153, LaGrange, KY


Pack 361, Morgan City, LA
Pack 339, Patterson, LA
Troop 41, Patterson, LA


Crew 18, Cohasset, MA
Pack 38, Cohasset, MA
Troop 28, Cohasset, MA
Pack 34, Hanson, MA
Troop 430, Hanson, MA
Ship 7, Orleans, MA
Pack 1620, Plymouth, MA
Troop 1620, Plymouth, MA
Troop 20, Rockport, MA
Pack 100, Westford, MA
Troop 1158, Ashburn, MD
Troop 163, Purcellville, MD
Troop 761, Sterling, MD
Grupo 3, Tampico, Mexico
Troop 8, Blissfield, MI
Troop 362, Howell, MI
Crew 337, Marshall, MI
Pack 337, Marshall, MI

Troop 337, Marshall, MI
Troop 446, Saline, MI
Troop 609, Andover, MN
Troop 345, Eagan, MN
Troop 235, Lakeville, MN
Pack 411, North Branch, MN
Troop 411, North Branch, MN
Pack 1909, Prior Lake, MN
Pack 62, Wabasha, MN
Troop 27, Fredericktown, MO
Troop 41, Hernando, MS
Pack 8, Macon, MS
Pack 240, Moss Point, MS
Troop 220, Moss Point, MS
Pack 14, Starkville, MS
Troop 14, Starkville, MS


Troop 12, Fremont, NC
Troop 502, Liberty, NC
Troop 61, Lillington, NC
Troop 34, Mt. Olive, NC
Pack 20, Warsaw, NC
Troop 20, Warsaw, NC
Troop 5, Bedford, NH
Troop 368, Berkeley Heights, NJ
Troop 312, Budd Lake, NJ
Troop 764, Burlington, NJ
Troop 76, Mt. Laurel, NJ
Troop 118, Logandale, NV
Troop 443, Spanish Springs, NV
Pack 26, Avon, NY
Troop 26, Avon, NY
Troop 55, Bloomfield, NY
Troop 111, Brockport, NY
Troop 5, Cobleskill, NY
Pack 3227, Hopewell Junction, NY
Troop 1, Katonah, NY
Pack 4029, Lima, NY
Troop 4029, Lima, NY
Pack 105, Livingston Mannor, NY
Troop 877, Livingston Mannor, NY
Pack 20, Poland, NY
Troop 20, Poland, NY
Pack 3028, Rhinebeck, NY
Pack 114, Richfield Springs, NY
Troop 14, Richfield Springs, NY
Troop 49, Ridgefield, NY
Troop 175, Rome, NY
Troop 12, Schenevus/Worcester, NY
Troop 21, West Winfield, NY


Troop 321, Hudson, OH
Troop 701, Strongsville, OH
Troop 116, Sherwood, OR





Pack 86, Columbia, SC
Troop 45, Orangeburg, SC
Troop 65, Mobridge, SD


Pack 507, Clarksville, TN
Pack 707, Northshore, TX
Troop 707, Northshore, TX
Pack 252, Plainview, TX
Pack 49, Rockport, TX
Pack 174, Round Rock, TX
Pack 98, South Austin, TX
Troop 232, Waxahachie, TX

Pack 149, Austin, TX
Pack 69, Corpus Christi, TX
Troop 915, Deer Park, TX
Troop 135, Ganado, TX
Troop 2935, Georgetown, TX
Troop 314, Heath, TX
Troop 107, Highlands, TX
Pack 248, Killeen, TX


Crew 2650, Park City, UT
Troop 72, Park City, UT
Pack 3072, Park City , UT


Troop 3, Louisa, VA
Troop 14, Orange, VA
Pack 13, Vienna, VA
Pack 202, Bethel, VT
Pack 410, Londonderry, VT
Troop 207, Randolph, VT
Troop 6044, West Pawlet, VT
Troop 218, Windsor, VT
Pack 220, Woodstock, VT
Troop 220, Woodstock, VT


Pack 850, Lake City, WA
Troop 850, Lake City, WA
Pack 328, Lake Forest Park, WA
Troop 677, Sammamish/Issaquah, WA
Pack 4490, Sequim, WA
Troop 90, Sequim, WA
Crew 853, Shoreline, WA
Troop 853, Shoreline, WA
Troop 21, West Bend, WI
Troop 105, Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Pack 33, Marlington, WV
Troop 33, Marlington, WV
Pack 51, White Sulfur Springs, WV




If your rotary club charters/sponsors a Scout or Guide unit and your are not on this list, please submit the name of the Scout unit, the name of you Rotary Club and your location to the webmaster to be added to the list.

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