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Rotary District Coordinators

District Name Telephone Email
4110 Oscar Garcia Ramirez 55 614 142 1136
4170 Rafael Martinez 044 55 14 00 15
5000 Dr. Robert Santry 808-276-0835
5050 Daniel Adams c:206-714-2426
w:206-473 6125
5190 Douglas MacDonald 403‐283‐6844
5280 John Jaacks 310‐377‐4857
5320 Howard Dutra 714‐525‐5772
5330 Matt Barth  
5360 Douglas MacDonald 403‐283‐6844
5370 RossHallett 780‐914‐7542
5420 Del Barnet 435-503-1745
5520 Paul Rhien 502-503-2388
5580 Dan Eikenbery 218‐675‐6183
5710 Andrew Garlick 913-651-6266
5770 PDG, Don Adkins 405-364-9043
5790 Christopher J. McLucas 817-874-4372
5890 James Fulton 713‐385‐1891
6080 Glen Cameron 417-337-0396
6150 Dr. David L. Briscoe 501‐569‐3197
6190 Jerry L. Wall 318-348-8098
6220 PDG Richard Judy 715-965-8417
6420 Fred Luckenbill 309-738-0011
6490 Dan O'Brien 217‐529‐2727
6540 Jim Welborne 219-879-3584
6760 Randy Worcester 931-302-2425
6840 J. Houston Costolo 601-590-0540
6880 Robert Grant 251-943-7905
6900 Cam Sutherland 404‐344‐1067
6910 PDG Garland Moore 770-929-3281
6920 Sam Eskew  
6980 William Hayes 352-365-2604
6990 Steve Thacker 561-350-6282
7210 George Jennings 845-227-5958
7230 PDG Joe Clark 914-233-3889
7250 Rabbi Art Vernon 516-489-7578
7490 Andrew/Geoffrey Garlick 212-632-2374
7490 Gina Boesch 201-200-2060
7510 Hal Daume 908-322-9726
7530 Dr. William C. Kuryla 304-372-3156
7570 Rebecca Beamer 276-223-1234
7600 PDG Bob Preston 804-320-5050
7610 Kim McLeland 703-828-4652
7630 Brad Lundberg 410-490-8837
7750 & 70 Rob Hanley 864-234-9470
7910 Joseph Pascarella 781-718-3779 josephpascarella@gmail
7950 Sharon Johnson  
* Members Executive Committee
  PDG Harold Friend 561-392-5919
  William Yarborough 703-748-1717

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Rotary District Coordinator

Title: IFSR District Coordinator

Appointed by: Regional Chairperson / District Governor

Reports to: Area or country coordinator, or regional  chairperson

Supervises: Assistant District Coordinators and District Committee members as needed.

Qualifications: The candidate should:

1. be an active Scouter and an active Rotarian;
2. have the ability to work alone as well as the ability to work effectively within a group;
3. communicate effectively to both individuals and large groups;
4. have a working knowledge of and ability to effectively use e-mail and other electronic methods of communication;
5. have a desire to support and promote the goals and objectives of IFSR, and to recruit and organize others in the pursuit of IFSR's stated goals and objectives.


The District Coordinator shall:
1. Actively promote the goals and objectives of IFSR in his/her Rotary District and its affiliated Rotary Clubs;
2. Recruit Rotarians in his/her Rotary District who are or have been Scouters or Scouts to become members of IFSR;
3. Promote cooperation between his/her District and its affiliated Rotary Clubs and the local Boy Scout and Girl Scout Councils;
4. Organize and/or promote service projects by Rotarians which support Scouting;
5. Organize and promote activities within his/her Rotary District which enable Rotarians who are also Scouters to become acquainted each other;
6. Organize, promote, and/or encourage projects by Rotarians that enhance the ability of the local Scout Councils to deliver the Scouting program;
7. To assist local Scouting professionals in having the opportunity to speak to and potentially become members of Rotary International;
8. Carry the message of IFSR to local Rotarians through presentations at Rotary Clubs, and through presentations and/or exhibits at Rotary events;
9. Carry the message of IFSR to local Scouters through presentations at Scouting activities, and through presentations and/or exhibits at Scouting events;
10. Generate support locally for IFSR global projects such as the IFSR Centennial Project to have Rotary sponsor local and third world Scouts at the Centennial World Scout Jamboree in 2007.
11. To participate when and if possible in regional and/or international meetings of IFSR at regional, national, and international Scouting and Rotary events such as RI Conventions, Jamborees, and Annual Meetings.

Term of Office:

The appointee as IFSR Rotary District Coordinator shall serve for a term of one Rotary program year from July 1 to June 30. He/she may be reappointed for an unlimited number of terms. Additional Responsibilities

It is incumbent upon the Coordinator to seek out and recommend suitable assistants and a replacement when appropriate.

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