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Silver Wheel Award for Outstanding Service to IFSR or Scouting

IFSR Youth Service Award for Rotary Clubs Working With Youth

IFSR Community Service Award: Clubs Recognize Scout Units

Cliff Dochterman Award: IFSR Community Organization Award

Silver Wheel Award

For Outstanding Service by an Individual to IFSR or Scouting

Silver Wheel

The IFSR Silver Wheel Award may be awarded to any Rotarian or Associate who renders exceptional and exemplary service in support of IFSR activities or the Scout Movement worldwide. The awards may be given annually as proposed by this Committee if approved by the Executive Committee. This Committee will establish the nomination process. Any member may nominate a Rotarian for this award.

Each year IFSR recognizes IFSR members (Rotarians or Rotaractors) who have made unique and outstanding contributions through IFSR to Girl Guiding/Scouting or World Scouting and Rotary International.

This is not a Scouting award but an IFSR award and thus we want to honor those of our members who have contributed in an outstanding fashion.

Nomination forms are available and should be submitted by the first of May to our IFSR office which will forward them to the Awards and Recognitions Chair who will make recommendations to the IFSR Executive Committee and the recognitions presented at the IFSR Annual General Meeting at the annual RI Convention.

Download a copy of the Nomination Form. Nominations must be submitted at least 4 weeks before the IFSR Annual General Meeting which is at the RI Convention which is usually in mid-May.


Cliff Dochterman 2002
John Kenny 2002
Harold Friend 2002
Jacques Moreillon 2002
Bud Allison 2003
Pat Metcalf 2003
David Judge 2004
Christine Judge 2004
Al Kappadahl 2004
G John Marmet 2005
Brian Thiessen 2005
Bari Saunders 2005
Richard Oscroft 2005
Niels Rosenboom 2006

Ted Olsen 2007
Eduardo Missoni 2007
Randy Seefeldt 2008
Verl Underwood 2010
Joie Hain 2011
Jack Mayo 2011
Mike Birkholm 2011
Glen Cameron 2012
Ken Scott 2013
Colin Jones 2013
Mike Francis 2013
Steve Henning 2013
Steve Kesler 2014
Zdenek Michalek 2015

Jack Mayo Silver Wheel

On November 11, 2011, Jack Mayo (center) received IFSR's Silver Wheel Award from former RI President, Eagle Scout, and devoted Scouter Cliff Dochterman (left), and IFSR President Brian Thiessen (right). The occasion was a dinner for the Cliff Dochterman Red Coat Endowment to the Permanent Fund of the Rotary Foundation. Several years earlier, Jack received the Cliff Dochterman Award from IFSR President Bud Allison.

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IFSR Youth Service Award

For Rotary Clubs Working With Youth

Youth Service Award

The IFSR Youth Service Award may be awarded to any Rotary Club that renders service in support of Scout and/or Guide activities. The awards may be given annually by the IFSR Webmaster. Recipients are selected from articles posted in media and online. Such articles may be brought to the attention of the IFSR webmaster [ ].

This is not a Scouting award nor a Rotary award, but an IFSR award and is intended to reward Rotary Clubs who support local Scout and/or Guide Units and get it publicized in the media and online.

To insure that the award is available worldwide in a timely manner, it is only distributed electronically. The recipient club will be notified of the award and given instructions on how to download and print the certificate. The award can be downloaded and printed by the club themselves or at a print center.

A list of previous awards is listed below:

Rotary Club Date
Abingtons Rotary Club (PA)    award June 8, 2015
Anaheim Hills Rotary Club (CA)    award June 8, 2015
Belconnen Club (Australia)    award Sepember 20, 2015
Berkeley Heights Club (NJ)    award June 21, 2015
Blandford Rotary Club (UK)    award August 5, 2015
Kennett Rotary Club (MO)    award September 26, 2015
Kidderminster Rotary Club (UK)    award August 24, 2015
Northville Rotary Club (NY)    award September 15, 2015
Redlands Sunrise Rotary Club (CA)    award September 2, 2015
Roselle-Roselle Park Club (NJ)    award June 21, 2015
Southern Ocean Rotary Clubs (NJ)    award September 23, 2015
Southside Rotary Club (TX)    award June 6, 2015

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IFSR Community Service Award

For Local Rotary Clubs to Recognize Scout Units

Community Service Award

The IFSR Community Service Award may be awarded by any Rotary Club to a Scout or Guide unit of their choice they wish to recognize for performing community service. The award may be given annually to any Scout or Guide unit by any Rotary Club. Recipients are selected by the Rotary Club.

This is not a Scouting award nor a Rotary award, but an IFSR award and is intended to permit Rotary Clubs to recognize Community Service performed by local Scout and/or Guide units.

To help Rotary Clubs create and print the award locally, this website has a fillable PDF version of the certificate which is easy to fill out:

1) Open the form CommunityServiceAward.pdf

2) Enter the name of the Scout or Guide unit (such as, Troop 101, Metropolis)

3) Enter the name of the Rotary Club (such as Metropolis Rotary Club)

4) Enter the date of the Award presentation

5) Then print the award or save and print at a print center.

Please notify the IFSR webmaster [ ] of the Scout or Guide Unit Name, Rotary Club Name and Date and a record of the award will be posted below on the this IFSR Awards page.

Scout or Guide Unit Name Rotary Club Date

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