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Over the Mountain by Sal Sepulveda, Jr.

You must be glad this doesn't hurt!

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"35 miles to go, bear bags, trail food, no showers, mini-bears, rain, sun and fun, fun, fun." Return to top

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Can You Find Your Favorite Wood Badge Characters? Bobby Beaver, Bruce Bobwhite, Andy Antelope, Ernest Eagle, Baxter Bear, Bernie Buffalo, Roy Raven, Fernando Fox, Owen Owl, Clark Clark and Richard Staffer. Return to top

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Salvadore Sepulveda, Jr.

Salvadore Sepulveda, Jr., a past Hawk Mountain Council District Executive and Urban Emphasis Specialist, is now a elementary teacher in the Reading School District. Sal is a native of Puerto Rico and a Reading High School and Kutztown University graduate. He has his bachelor's degree in Communication Design and is also the artist behind the cartoons in Herbie Hawk, the council newsletter. Sal is a certified C.O.P.E. instructor and has completed Wood Badge.

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